A roller coaster ride with its ups and downs is a great metaphor for all the emotions that come into play when leaving a beloved community! And I’m experiencing a lot of them. After announcing that I will resign at the end of September, I have been feeling both great excitement and great sadness. A whole list of adjectives can be used to describe my feelings, many of which happen within the same day!

It is difficult to leave people that I have come to love. I feel nostalgic when I realize that this is my last newsletter, that the last board meeting is coming up, and that there are only a few more Sundays to be together. I am grieving, and I know from experience that grieving is a process to be worked through. I allow myself to feel the sadness, and I ‘sit with’ the nostalgia.

I also feel very proud of all that we have accomplished in these three years. We can sit comfortably in our lovely sanctuary. We can now walk in the fellowship area on attractive new flooring. We have full use of all our rooms; none are filled with unknown papers and boxes. We also have a wonderful lineup of capable and talented people who are bringing much good to our Sunday services, as well as the workings of an effective organization. Together we have built a strong foundation for a successful future.

I am feeling excited, both for our church community and for myself. I see great potential for our church – we have all it takes to move more deeply into the thriving, spiritual, loving community that we are. I also feel excitement to be moving back ‘home’ – to be close to family once again.

I feel privileged. I have loved my time here with Unity Church of Peace, and it has been an honor to serve. This community has welcomed me, has embraced me, warts and all, and has allowed me to give what I had to give. I am happy to have spent these years with such a wonderful group of peo-ple!

As we complete our days together, let us reflect on how far we’ve come. Let us anticipate the future with optimism and positive anticipation. Let us feel the gratitude for all that we’ve been and done. Let us experience the ups and downs. It has been a great ride!

Much love and many blessings,

Rev. Sharon