Some time ago, I was chatting with a few friends. Conversation turned to a person who had made one of my friends angry. As I listened to her berating this person, I noticed that I wasn’t feeling anything about the person she was angry with, but it seemed to me that my friend seemed smaller, intolerant and very negative.  In that moment, she was not very pleasant to be with. It was almost as if she had taken on an ugly cloak that was disguising the person I know and love!  While I know that all of us have done the same thing at times, I wonder if we realize how unloving and unattractive we appear?

Imagine that there are two containers within each of us; one contains positive, uplifting words, and the other contains destructive, negative words. Every time we open our mouths, we get to choose which container to use in our speaking. Imagine that when we use the negative words, they spill out and over us, covering us with an ugly, smelly layer of clothing. When we use the positive words, they cover us with sweet smelling, beautiful clothing. People from a great distance away can see our clothing, which ever we’ve chosen to don. What would we like people to see?

While we don’t literally wear clothing that betrays our speech, we do wear the energy of our words. I’m sure we’ve all experienced walking into a room where people have been arguing. Even if they are quiet, the room is fairly exploding with the angry energy of the previous argument. We feel the energy even if we don’t know the factual details of what has happened. Our words have power, and when we choose to use them destructively and negatively, we are ‘wearing’ that same energy.

We can always choose to think how we want our lives to unfold, we can take this opportunity to choose positive, constructive, uplifting words as a way of life. In doing so, we will be loving and supportive family members, friends and colleagues. We will ‘wear’ positive, beautiful energy that draws people to us. What do you say?